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Write Away started in 2018 as a scheme for Nat to pick smarter people's brains. After a season of great guests and many mishaps, she asked PJ to join in the fun (and chaos). 

Today, Write Away with Nat & PJ has grown to a multi-segmented show that covers writing community news, includes bookish unboxings and giveaways, and interviews authors and publishing professionals in all stages of their careers. With every episode, we are reminded WHY we create, and that we are part of a community of inspiring and uplifting voices who are going to change the world.


We've learned so much with this project, and we're so grateful for those who take the time to record with us, as well as those who tune in each month. 

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Natalie Lockett

Nat is a writer, Canva guru, and golden retriever enthusiast. She writes YA and Adult fantasy with a focus on life, death, and the worlds between. Her work can be found in Across the Margin, and she's the producer and host of the podcasts From Me To You and Write Away with Nat & PJ. 

Her book THE DEAD KING was selected for the 2020 Author Mentor Match program and is currently agent haunting inboxes. 

When not writing, she can be found running a small marketing company and trying to convince herself to switch to decaf.  

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PJ Powell

PJ writes long and short fiction - mainly stories about characters struggling with their paranormal destinies or fighting to make sure their creations aren't used to destroy the world. By day she's a freelance health care writer for pharma, where she uses her science background to tell stories about successes and challenges in bringing new medicines to patients. Her short fiction was recently featured in the online art and culture magazine, Across the Margin.


PJ is a staunch defender of the productivity-boosting benefits of short naps, long walks, and dance breaks. Proud supporter of geek culture for all ages and storytelling across all mediums. Has rhythm. Will sing in public. You’ve been warned.

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