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S2:E3 Owning Your Corner of the Internet

In this episode of the Write Away Podcast, we have a fantastic conversation with award-winning sci-fi and fantasy author, E.J. Wenstrom about building an author platform and thinking of your creative life in terms of seasons rather than running ragged after the mythical "balance."

You'll hear:

  • Writing Community News - snap up some top editors who are freelancing during the pandemic, and find out which conferences have gone - or will go - virtual this year

  • Owning Your Corner of the Internet with author E.J. Wenstrom, Nat & PJ

  • Getting crafty - how to juggle your writing life with all the other important/necessary things on your plate


  • Some of the industry's top editors have been laid off during the pandemic, which means you have an opportunity to hire them to make your work shine. Here are three:

  1. Diana Pho - @writersyndrome /

  2. Diana Gill - @dianagill

  3. Melissa Frain - @frain

  • YALLWEST presented YALLSTAYHOME virtually on April 25-26, and plan to release videos soon. Follow them on Twitter @yallwest so you'll know when the replays are available.

  • ThrillerFest 2020 will also be going virtual in this summer. Check out the ThrillerFest website or follow them on Twitter to stay tuned for details. .

  • Check out the Third Realm War series from author E.J. Wenstrom, including the new and final book in the series, "Sparks." Sign up for E.J.'s newsletter to receive a FREE prequel novella.



In Writing Community News¸ we talk about some really unfortunate pandemic-related layoffs in publishing. But this is an opportunity for you to hire these top editors if you're looking for help with your manuscript or query letter. And if you need a higher dose of writing community in your life while you're social distancing, there are some virtual writing conferences you need to check out!

Our guest this episode was E.J. Wenstrom, , who had a lot of reassuring advice for us about connecting with readers online (psst - she says you don't need a gazillion followers to build your writing career!), the minimum steps you need to take to promote your writing, and how she approaches building a fandom as a writer of multiple genres. She also told us about her newest book, "Sparks," which we can't wait to read!

Come for the monsters, stay for the feels!!

E.J. stayed with us for our Getting Crafty session, where we talked this time how she juggles all the different parts of her life including her writing, with lots of ideas for how you can successfully do the same.

We hope you enjoy this episode, and let us know if there’s anything you want to hear about later this season!

Until then...

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