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S2E12: Folklore & Forgotten Passwords with special guest Gabriela Houston

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Debut author alert! In Gabriella Houston's debut novel, The Second Bell, Salka the striga is born with two hearts and one chance to make her life her own amongst the community of outcasts where she lives. We had a great time talking with Gabriela about how she approached this novel specifically, and how she uses folklore as an inspiration for her writing in general.


You'll hear about what we're reading and writing, and we'll talk with author Gabriela Houston about:

  • How she blended the story idea she wanted to explore with the Slavic legend of the striga to create her debut novel, The Second Bell

  • Spinning ideas from legends and myths into your own unique tales

  • Challenges and opportunities associated with writing based on Slavic folklore and legends

  • Working with themes about suppressing emotions, grappling with cultural norms, and mother-child relationships

  • The Bookish Take, Gabriela's new YouTube channel with fellow author, Caroline Hardaker, where they chat about their journeys from the initial idea up to publication with tips and advice based on their experiences


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Let us know if there’s anything you want to hear about later this season! Until then...

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