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S2E13: Submissions & Streaming with special guest Lillie H

What if you had a magical window into the manuscripts waiting in a publisher's "to-read" pile? We wanted to find out what that's like, so we invited writer and Entangled Publishing intern, Lillie H., to tell us all about it. Lillie writes and reads speculative fiction and also explores storytelling through the world of tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs), from creating them, to playing them, to running them. And while you might think a publishing intern reading unsolicited manuscripts would be an evil gatekeeper waiting to tell you everything you're doing wrong, in this case you've got a friend in the slush pile.


You'll hear about #RevPit and other Writing Community News, and special guest Lillie H's take on

  • What an internship at Entangled Publishing is, and is not

  • Opportunities to grow as a writer by mining for gems in the slush pile

  • How to approach reviewing a manuscript or published novel

  • How to query a publisher like Entangled that accepts un-agented manuscripts

  • Encouragement for writers

  • Table-top role playing games as a storytelling experience and well of inspiration


Check out the #RevPit website and the 2021 #RevPit contest schedule.

Find Lillie H on Twitter @Aliseonlife and tune in where she's involved in table-top role-playing games (TTRPGs):

  • Podcast: Misfits of Space, an actual play podcast featuring five women taking on the Empire using the Star Wars RPG by Edge Studio. New episodes every other Thursday, available wherever you consume podcasts.

  • Find her as LaScribe on Twitch and Discord:

  • Off the Table, streaming a "Scum and Villainy" space opera game

  • Lillie H appears periodically on Vibrant Legends, A BIMPOC exclusive oneshot series streaming with the Dicey Amazons on Saturdays from 2-5PM PT/5-8PM ET

Consider supporting indie bookstores by ordering your books through And if you're an audiobook person, supports indie bookstores, too.

Let us know if there’s anything you want to hear about later this season! Until then...

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