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S2E15: Crafting Short Fiction with Special Guest Windy Lynn Harris

Writing short stories provides a training ground for all your writing skills, but getting from blank page to finished draft can feel like a marathon if you don't have the right mindset and process. In this episode of Write Away, Windy Lynn Harris talks with us about the ins and outs of crafting short stories and what you stand to gain from spinning your own.


You'll hear about all this and more:

  • How to work with your storytelling mind to get the best story idea out in your first draft

  • Windy's process for drafting a short story even when she has NO TIME

  • How short story pacing is different from novel pacing, and what the critical beats of the short story are

  • Why short stories are fun and how writing them can strengthen all areas of your craft and build your confidence

Nat and PJ also swear by Windy's book on writing and selling short stories and essays, which you'll find linked below.



That's a wrap for Season 2! Let us know if there’s anything you want to hear about in Season 3 when we return from hiatus in September 2021. Until then...

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