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S3E1: Pincers & Pitch Wars with Special Guest Skyla Arndt

Get your Pitch Wars plan ready! Author and Pitch Wars 2021 mentor Skyla Arndt joins us for a fun discussion about the program, her own writing process, and her upcoming debut novel, Together We Rot (Penguin Random House and Viking Children, Fall 2023).


You'll hear about all this and more:

  • Writing Community News - Nat's big announcement, Pitch Wars this month, Writer's Digest Novel Writing Conference in October, and #5amWritersClub Virtual Donut Parties monthly

  • What brought Skyla to write her debut novel, Together We Rot, a mix of horror and romance about two best friends working together to take down a vicious ancient entity living in their forest

  • Picking up new hobbies from your characters

  • Moths! Bug Tik Tok! Cryptozoology!

  • How to get ready for Pitch Wars and what it's like to be a mentee

  • Tips for writing stories that blend horror and romance



Let us know if there’s anything you want to hear about later this season. Until then...

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