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S3E4: NaNoWriLi (National Novel Writing Life) with Naz Kutub

This episode was originally titled "Wishful Thinking" in homage to the premise of Naz's debut novel THE LOOPHOLE. But after chatting with him we just couldn't help ourselves. NaNoWriLi or National Novel Writing LIFE it became.

When we sat down to plan our guest list for the year, Nat proposed reaching out to author Naz Kutub after taking his 4-week Speed Drafting course. If you tune into the episode (which you should!) we have no doubt you'll understand why. Writers who are committed to changing their process, who want to put out more than one project per year will benefit in BIG ways from his formula and wisdom.

We also chatted with him about his new book THE LOOPHOLE, out June 7, 2022 from Bloomsbury!

"Your wish is granted! This YA debut is equal parts broken-hearted love story, epic myth retelling, and a world-journey romp to find home.

Syyed is pining for his ex, who left home to—save the world? He doesn’t know much more, except to wish he’d gone along when Farouk asked. But Sy is shy and timid, from a controlling Indian Muslim family, and wants most to make a life and home with people he loves. Then he meets Reggie, an heiress—is she magical or just rich?—who, in exchange for his kindness, offers to grant Sy three wishes, the first of which is a million dollars, naturally!

But soon reality bites hard: His father realizes Sy is gay and kicks him out. Homeless and alone, he’s off with Reggie and his last two wishes, chasing Farouk to lands he never dreamed to visit to find his missing love for one last, desperate chance at rebuilding his life. And he’ll find out, maybe, that there is a loophole to everything, including wishes."


You'll hear about all this and more:

  • What we're reading (AKA books Nat has purchased recently and plans to read, as always)

  • Writing community news ft. the kidney from the NYT article

  • What's coming up on the show and a holiday hiatus

  • An alcoholic genie (or is she?)

  • How Naz made the switch from screenwriting to novels

  • Writing for life & why you should consider drafting multiple books a year

  • Applying Naz's speed drafting tips for this year's NaNoWriMo

  • The three things Naz would wish for if he met a genie on a plane



Let us know if there’s anything you want to hear about later this season. Until then...

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