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S3E5: Words, Wings & Witchy Things with Special Guest Laura E. Weymouth

Historical fantasy? YES PLEASE! In this episode, we talked with Laura E. Weymouth about her shiny and spooky young adult novels and how she blends very real places and events from the past with her own versions of old fairytales. A lifelong storyteller who set out to publish when she started her family, Laura shared how she got started and how she now balances her top priority - caregiving - with her career passion. She also shared a ton of advice on using myths and folklore to inspire her writing projects, and how others can do the same. There was also some talk of pets and Riley the bookstore dog...

Laura's third novel, A Rush of Wings, comes out on November 16, 2021 from McElderberry:

Rowenna Winthrop has always known there’s magic within her. But though she hears voices on the wind and possesses unusual talents, her mother Mairead believes Rowenna lacks discipline, and refuses to teach her the craft that keeps their Scottish village safe. When Mairead dies a sinister death, it seems Rowenna’s one chance to grow into her power has passed. Then, on a fateful, storm-tossed night, Rowenna rescues a handsome stranger named Gawen from a shipwreck, and her mother miraculously returns from the dead. Or so it appears.

This resurrected Mairead is nothing like the old one: to hide her new and monstrous nature, she turns Rowenna’s brothers and Gawen into swans and robs Rowenna of her voice. Forced to flee, Rowenna travels to the city of Inverness to find a way to break the curse. But monsters take many forms, and in Inverness Rowenna is soon caught in a web of strangers who want to use her raw magic for their own gain. If she wishes to save herself and the people she loves most, Rowenna will have to take her fate into her own hands, and unlock the power that has evaded her for so long.


You'll hear about all this and more:

  • Which retellings have pulled Laura in so far, why, and what she's planning for the future

  • Her newest published book and the latest one she's sold

  • How Laura went from full-blown pantser (writing without a plan) to starting with an outline and synopsis

  • How she researches myths and folklore for her projects

  • Advice for writers who want to use myths and folklore in their work

  • Laura's best SPOOKY advice



Let us know if there’s anything you want to hear about later this season. Until then...

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