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S3E6: Epic Escape Hatches with Special Guest Charlie Jane Anders

No matter how bad things get, Never Say You Can't Survive. That's the theme and title of award-winning sci-fi author Charlie Jane Anders' new writing book, and a big part of our conversation with her in this episode. We talked with her about how she uses her imagination and creativity to power through tough times, to find hope, to express anger, and to paint a picture of a better future that might inspire others, too. Don't miss this audio elixir for writers and fans alike!


You'll hear about all this and more:

  • Your superpowers as a storyteller

  • How emotions - especially anger - can fuel your writing

  • How to escape to worlds of your own making, and how that escape is also an act of resistance

  • How the worlds you create influence who your characters are

  • Abandoning the lone hero motif for communities that kick ass

  • Charlie Jane's upcoming work - Even Greater Mistakes (Nov. 16, Titan Books) and Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak (April 2022, Tor Teen), book two of her Unstoppable series



Let us know if there’s anything you want to hear about later this season. Until then...

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