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S3E9: Galentines Get Together with Special Guest Tif Marcelo

Most of us love a story with a good romance that drives the plot, but what about good gal-pal drama and growth? USA Today Bestselling author Tif Marcelo writes both, so we invited her to be our guest for our Galentine's episode! We focused on one of her books in particular, In a Book Club Far Away, a contemporary fiction story where an emergency brings three old friends back together for a short time that will either mend their past differences or give them lessons they'll not soon forget when they go their separate ways. Tif talked with us about how friendships work on the page as a central story element that makes readers invest in each character and the fate of the relationship.

We also talked with her about how she manages her time as a writer, and you will NOT want to miss her advice. As a full-time writer who has a family and is always on deadline (publishing between one and three books a year), Tif has a lot of tricks for managing time and keeping writing as fulfilling as possible.

Tif Marcelo writes contemporary romance series, contemporary fiction stand-alones, and young adult romance. Her latest book, The Holiday Switch, is her young adult romance debut and came out on October 5th, 2021 from Underlined.


You'll hear about all this and more:

  • How to write friendship triangles that are as compelling as any love triangle

  • Important moments to capture on the page for gal-pal friendships that are central to the story

  • How her years as a military nurse and military spouse have inspired her depiction of different types of friendships and romantic relationships

  • How she juggles multiple deadlines and produces at least one book a year

  • Some of her favorite writing resources



Let us know if there’s anything you want to hear about later this season. Until then...

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